Myfonts font rendering is corrupted


Mila Script is live at MyFonts since 2015. After some system changes at MyFonts three months ago the rendering of SOME font files is corrupted and displayed badly.

Scroll down and see:

Today Mary Catherine let me know:

… perhaps you might be able to re-generate your font files and we can update them to try to fix the problem ourselves …

The issue is that the hinting information for the fonts with the issue seems to be corrupted, or unable to be read by our new system. If you generate new font versions using Glyphs App (for example) with auto-hinting set, we can try to upload them and update the fonts to fix the issue. As these fonts are older, it is possible that creating new files will fix the issue! …

What I ’d like to ask you:
Do you think this might be a possible reason?

Just for information:
Mila Script Sans Light, Regular and Bold are three masters within one glyphs file.
Mila Script Sans Light is broken but
Mila Script Sans Regular and Bold work fine …

Mila Script Basic is generated from another file than the Pro and is nothing but a smaler version
Mila Script Basic is broken but
Mila Script Basic works fine …

And I guess, auto hinting was off when generating the fonts …


Of course I can update the font files and give it a try, but they are from 2015 and opening them in Glyphs now gives me a total mess …

Many Thanks!

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These fonts should not be hinted at all. Are they?

I guess auto hinting was off when generating the fonts

I could have a look at the files?

and there are NO stem entries

Of course you may, Georg. I’ll send all files to

I’ve been suffering exactly the same issue with several of my fonts rendering glyphs on top of each other on MyFonts. I’ve seen others font with this too.

It’s not happening on other resellers’ sites or when the fonts are in use in software.

It’s not a hinting issue as I didn’t add any hints to the affected fonts. (though to triple check I ran the ‘Delete all hints in font’ script, re-exported ensuring I unticked ‘Autohint’, and it still presented the same issue when uploaded to MyFonts.

It would be great to know if anyone has any ideas on the issue.

There have been issues with MyFonts renderings. Double check if it happens on different machines. My guess is that it tries to render a scaled image for the respective OS/browser/resolution combo on the fly. And sometimes it gets it wrong.

But there is not much we can do in the Glyphs forum to fix this. Please tell foundrysupport at myfonts dot com about it.

Thanks. I though that might be the case. There’s nothing wrong this fonts themselves.
I’ll post back it MyFonts find a fix.

I can confirm, it’s not the hinting.
It is not the kerning: there is no kerning in Mila Script Ornaments

@Ginjam: you have seen others font too, would you mind posting them?


Hi Georg, I can’t find another example now. Maybe I’ve confused this with the ‘no sample available’ issue which proceeded this. Just checked on a Windows machine with different set-up but it looks identical.

Hi Georg,

I just saw this thread and also found the same problem. My font got approved as first submission at Myfonts last week, but when I checked at the display/font page, they look so awful especially the kerning and some OTF features also not working.

I see your Mila Script Pro is looking good now, would you mind to share your solution for this issue?


@Sandez please read my post further above. It is most likely not a problem of your font.

Hello Sandez!

A recent system update at MyFonts fixed the issue.
It was not about Mila Script what caused the troubles …


The update at MyFonts resolved my ‘issues’ too.

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