New to Glyphs and could use some extra clarification


I am brand new to Glyphs, font creation in general and I am need of help in being absolutely certain about importing.

I researched the forums and found this thread about importing hand drawn fonts on paper into Glyphs to digitize them. The only app I have found that clearly and directly mentions this feature is FontCreater (see image below). I would like to be certain that Glyphsapp can do the same either natively or with a plugin (paid or free) before I purchase the app. I have downloaded the demo, but don’t have time to use for a few days, hence asking the forums for clarity first.

Thank you for help.

Two ways:

  • trace in Adobe Illustrator, copy the results and paste into Glyphs
    • pro: can trace many glyphs at once
    • con: difficult to set up, and you have to deal with AI
  • prepare separate bitmap image files per glyph (move a selection around in, Cmd-C, Cmd-N, Cmd-S), import them all at once in Glyphs (if image file names are the same as glyph names, you can batch import them into the right slots), trace with the free Trace Image plug-in from Window > Plugin Manager.
    • pro: no need for AI or third-party app other than built-in Preview
    • con: tedious to handle many bitmap images

Feel free to try yourself with the trial version which workflow suits you better.