Non-responsive tabs

Please consider make tabs responsive again, if this is not a bug but a feature of G3 — which I cannot understand yet or don’t know how to switch back. In G2, we have this already as you well know and it’s still working as good as before.

I can navigate back and forth between the Edit view tabs by shortcuts but sometimes it is nothing less than annoying if the one hides under another especially or when I can’t see at all, if it’s recently opened one. (3078 but this is not a new issue for me, Big Sur, Intel)

You can scroll the tabs to get to the ones behind the active tab. Place the mouse over the tab bar and two finger swipe left and right on the touch pad or hold the Shift key and scroll up and down with a regular mouse wheel.

Well, this is kinda cool! Thank you. I knew there should be a catch, which I didn’t know. In my case as a user, I think this is also a big paradigm change for me. Maybe I have to try more to get used to it (fun to use BTW!) or my eyes will keep looking for the things on where I put them in the first place.

In it’s behavior on my computer’s performance context, this will be also a reminder for me to upgrade my Mac as soon as possible… :blush:

This is how tabs works on the Mac since a few macOS versions. Try it in Safari, Finder, Terminal, etc.

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My two cents for these threads about my issue reported here:

…because, I think I couldn’t explain myself here correctly. Maybe we should put it like this way:

No matter how many tabs I open, they all look the same width in, e.g. Safari (or in any other app in Big Sur now). I doubt about the problem is not how we can easily navigate through the opened tabs. Could the real problem be not seeing all of the tabs at a glance?

I mean, no matter how many tabs I open, they all look the same width in Safari but, G3 forces itself to show the first line of an opened tab with the nice names of the glyphs there i/o rendered characters. Therefore character count rule —if any— doesn’t fit here, as it seems.

Of course you know better what’s going on under the hood and may act or act not accordingly. Thank you all!