On-curve point handle behaviour in Glyphs 3

Turning a point with handles into an on-curve point shifts the handles automatically, as opposed to the G2 behaviour where the handles would remain intact until one of them was moved. I preferred the old behaviour because usually I’m combining two shapes and want one to conform to the other.

I’m sure there’s an explanation for the new behaviour, but I haven’t encountered a scenario where this is useful yet, and often I’m left trying to manually place the handles back where they were before. Is there a way to change this behaviour in G3 to what it was in G2?


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Hi Florian, thank you! I didn’t get the results I was after with this, perhaps I’m doing something wrong? I’m not script savvy so I’m sorry if it’s something obvious I am missing :slight_smile:

Scripting requires the objc module to be installed. You can do this by opening the plugin manager and under Modules install Python, like so:

Then select the installed Python in the preferences, like so:

Then try running the command in the Macro window again.

Thank you so much! This is working perfectly now.