*origin anchor interferes with ‘mark’ feature code generation

Glyphs 3 changed the default collapse to zero-width behavior to collapse onto the left edge.

So I decided to place an *origin anchor on the right edge of my marks as per this thread:

This ensures that the mark collapses onto the right edge which allows the mark to work in environments where ‘mark’/‘mkmk’ is not supported.

However, the *origin anchor interferes with automatic ‘mark’ feature code generation. This is what HarfBuzz and Core Text draw for /odieresis/dotaccentcomb:

Whereas this is what Glyphs automatic alignment creates:

This issue seams to only arise when the base glyph is automatic aligned, as /odieresis with /dotaccentcomb on top in the above example. If I delete /odieresis from the font and draw /o/dieresiscomb/dotaccentcomb I get the correct result in HarfBuzz/Core Text:

Here is my test-file: Test.glyphs (7.5 KB)

This issue also applies when using an *origin anchor to construct non-mark glyphs. Say I have a glyph /_part.aArc for the top-curve of /a and place an *origin anchor in the bottom right of the curve.

The /adieresis is a component glyph which uses /a and /dieresiscomb. All looks fine within Glyphs, but on export the /adieresis is shifted.

Test-file: Test.glyphs (7.5 KB)

Can you send me a sample font?

Sample Glyphs files are provided at the end of both posts. OTF for both are attached here:

Test-1-and-2.zip (3.5 KB)

I forgot to mention that this is fixed already.

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I just tested it with 3.0.2 (3046) and while *origin now works to move combining marks to the left of the zero-width frame for legacy applications, such marks use the *origin anchor exclusively instead of the designated top/bottom/… anchor for automatic alignment (with no anchor-menu).



EDIT: This is not an issue with the test fonts I posted above, only with the font I am currently working on. I will send you a test font once I can isolate the issue.

The *origin anchor in the /a arch (as mentioned in the other thread/second commend on this thread) works beautifully now, thank you very much!

Please send the file.

This test file has the same problem as described above:
Test1.glyphs (7.5 KB)

This was one of the fixes I like most. Just remove some code.

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Sounds great! Looking forward to the next cutting edge release.

Removing some code did indeed work :smiley:

This issue has been resolved for me in 3.0.2 (3047).