Output Kerning Difference from "Compare Fonts"

It’d be really great to be able to visually compare the kerning differences between files, for me the most flexible / useful output would just be a list of kerning pairs separated by new line, or space… (issues of course with /space kerning)…that I would be able to switch between files and see the difference

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Do you want a visual comparison or a listing? The CompareGlyphs tool has both.

I dont want either, I want a list in either in live text or glyph name format that I can use elsewhere. Also as I wrote, I want to compare the difference in kerning, I haven’t found a visual comparison for kerning?

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To clarify:

A list like this, is not useful:

As such I can not make such a reliable judgement on how which one should be correct. Nor can I select any of the kerning pairs, I have to manually write them down, and then write them into a text tab.

What I want: an output like /A/brackleft /A/quotebase /B/T /B/Y /B/a /B/w and so on – and taking the first glyph in the kerning group where it is a kerning group (similar to how one can click on the kerning pairs in the Kerning Window and bring up the the kerning pair in text). So I can paste it into a text tab and see what they look like in both font files.

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Or even just that output (i.e. @A @bracket, @A @quotebase, @B @T etc) in live text would be useful, or whatever more useful form to be programmatically manipulated would be good!

I think you mean MergeGlyphs.

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Thanks jkutilek that’s much better, still I would like a text output I can manipulate because the context text around the kerning pair is not always useful in MergeGlyphs

Also: @GeorgSeifert plus the color bars in this context are too distracting from being able to see the kerning pair, it should be really at the bottom well away from any descender as well:

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Was my clarification clearer now?

If it is not too much trouble, just a bump again for the possibility of output that is like the kerning panel.




Would be really helpful for my pursposes at the moment.

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