Problem installing a custom plugin

Hello, I used the file format template under Python templates and edited it to be placed in the specified plugin folder directory~/Library/Application Support/Graphs/Plugins. It cannot be displayed in the window plugin manager

The folder is:
~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Plugins

There is no Plugins folder under the Glyphs 3 folder. Do you need to recreate the Plugins folder

~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins

Is this folder?

I don’t have any configuration Sign in to GitHub · GitHub Is this the reason why the plugin does not display

To install the plugin, you can just drag it into the app icon and glyphs will put it into the right place.


The following plugins have crashed during the last Glyphs run.

Please remove and reinstall the plugin, ensuring that the latest version of the required module is installed.

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That means that the plugin has some problems. That is to be expected when you are still developing it. You should check the macro window for error messages.

In this dialog, always hit “Ignore” and restart Glyphs.

And you can edit the plugin right in the Plugins folder. Every time you changed something, force quit Glyphs (right click the Dock icon and hold the Option key). Then directly click the icon again to restart it.

I changed the name of the built-in plugin and it shouldn’t be wrong. Changing it back to its original name will display it.

I just changed the name of the original Make Corner plugin

Why do you want it to show up in the plugin manager? This makes it publicly available to everyone. Since this is not your plugin code, this shouldn’t be done.

Once you have a finished plugin, you can request for your plugin code to be listed, there’s a GitHub repo with a long list of plugin repositories.

If you really want to, you can paste a link to your plugin in the alternative plugin repositories field in Preferences.

I am a novice and just want to use the plugin. I don’t know how to call my plugin to use it. Can you know

You can just install the plugin by double-clicking the .glyphsFilter file.

Yes, I did, but I couldn’t find how to use this plugin and didn’t display it anywhere

When I double-click on this plugin, it shows that the installation was successful, but after restarting Glyphs, I didn’t find where to find it. For example, this plugin was not found in menus such as file, edit, character, filter, display, etc

May I ask what the possible reason is