"Remove Glyphs" parameter not working (with script=xyz)

I just spent the entire afternoon and evening producing exports for ten families and was just about to call it a successful night, when I saw that my Latin-only families all included the Cyrillic.

I have a Remove Glyphs parameter set to script=cyrillic. This used to work fine. Why in the world is this broken again?

Sorry for the rather frustrated tone, but this really makes me want to go and smash some plates.

Using 3213, this used to work fine in previous versions.

Thanks for spotting, on the list.

“On the list”? This is quite a serious bug. Sorry to be That Guy™, but wann nächste Update?

Trust me, there are more serious issues than that. And it is easy to subset automatically after export.

If it is pressing, you can downgrade to 3208, it works there as expected.

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Of course, I understand. But why can’t Glyphs development revolve exclusively around my issues?

I already went back to 3208 (third time this week), thanks!

I needed a few days off keyboard. Will get back to the list as soon as possible.

And “on list” means it is noted and being dealt with

Of course! Very sensible. Note to self: irony never works on the internet :grin:

Fixed it.

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