Remove overlap acting weird

Hi everybody.
I’m working on a handwritten uppercase font and I have a problem with the Remove Overlap function :
I usually use it to check where I could have some problems.
But it seems to act weird because even if I don’t have any problems, it shows strange results.
As you can see, il fill the Å letter (and some others too)
But there is absolutely no overlapping at all in that glyph… :hot_face:

Do you know where is the problem ? (I need help…)
Thank you !

Can you show the outlines with nodes? This can have multiple reasons. Path direction, duplicate contours, some unusual path structure. But I don’t think you need to remove overlaps as there aren’t any.

Hi Georg and thank you for your reply !
Here is the outline with nodes.
I didn’t think to look at it, but it might be the way to find the solution !
If I understand well, the red nodes are 2 points that are exactly at the same place ?
That could be the problem ?


  • tidying up paths (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T) multiple times
  • deleting short segments (plug-in in Plugin Manager)
  • deleting handles on short segments

Thanks mekkablue. I really appreciate your help. Trying to design a font when you’re not a prfessional type designer can be a really be a lonely labor…

So I took a closer look at a few letters with red nodes, and all of them had points that were too close to each other.
I cleaned up the path of a few glyphs on my original illustrator file, made some minor changes and add it to Fontself, then exported to OTF… and Glyphs Mini can’t open my file again ! :weary:
See my other post >
The only difference is about the numbers that have changed :
(***-[NSArray subarrayWithRange:] range {0, 256} extends beyond bounds [0 … 254])
Do you know what could I do ?

Can you send me one of the .otf files that don’t work?

You are really kind.
I send it right now !

A typical problem in AI is that unpainted paths can remain or be duplicate of filled paths. Be sure to remove unfilled paths before bringing them in to Glyphs. Using the “Merge” tool in AI can sometimes help, or sometimes add an unwanted layer of unfilled paths.

Thanks Dezcom, unfortunately I already used that function, but AI told me that no clean up was needed on any of my glyphs…