RMX for Glyphs 3

Today, we have an update for the Font Remix Tools – with support for Glyphs 3!

If you already have a licence, you can get the update for free at https://remix-tools.com/glyphsapp/update/full

For the updated demo version, just visit https://remix-tools.com/glyphsapp/try

Note: You can install RMX for Glyphs 2 and RMX for Glyphs 3 side-by-side, as each version of Glyphs has its own Plugins folder. Copying the file manually into the folder will not work as macOS will not trust the plug-in. Just drag the RMX.glyphsFilter file onto the icon in the dock, and make sure you install the right RMX version that matches the Glyphs version. Finally, don’t forget to re-start Glyphs!

Other than working smoothly in Glyphs 3, the latest version of RMX has a bunch of other improvements:

  • Better support for files with a great number of masters.
  • Support for multi-dimensional brace layers.
  • Improved accuracy when changing the width of italics.
  • Fixed handling of nested components.
  • Non-master layers are no longer removed from scaled glyphs.
  • The RMX Harmonizer is now even more stable with complex Bézier curve structures.
  • The RMX Scaler now always scales the sidebearings, the gear menu option has gone.
  • Many smaller fixes

Thank you Tim! RMX is the biggest addition to my Glyphs experience. Making the update free is unexpected and very welcome!

Thank you for your effort!


Thanks for your work. Very important tool - also in Glyphs 3…


Amazing work. :clap::clap::clap: Thank you, Tim!

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Does Glyphs 3 check for plugin updates?

This possibility to trigger the check manually seems gone in Glyphs 3, and I don’t see any requests from Glyhps 3 in my server log.

What if I want to provide an update for RMX for G3? How will the users know it’s available?

The updates in the preference overlapped too much with the plugin-manager. And the plugins that are not in it, had different requirements. So would prefer if you could add that check yourself. I can help with that.

Okay, I’ll write the update checker code myself then.

Using RMX tool in Glyphs 3 makes the app crashes all the time. E.g. using RMX tuner, when I change the value in Weight the app crashes immediately.

Could you send me the file where this happens? Then I’ll have a closer look. Thanks!

You should get it soon into your email.

I installed the RMX update for Glyphs 3. I’m not seeing it in the Filters menu. What can I do to troubleshoot? My MacOS is 10.13.6. Is it compatible?

I am on 10.13.6 also, and while it was working a couple of builds back, in Build 3037 it crashes G3 when I attempt to use it.

Thanks for sending the file and video, Daniel. Very helpful! I just found out that

  • it does not crash “all the time”, only when the RMX Tuner is used on non-master layers, and
  • it happens in Glyphs 2 as well.

I hope I’ll have a fix soon!

Did you drag-and-drop the right RMX version onto the Glyphs 3 icon on the dock? Did you re-start Glyphs? If you press Cmd+Shift+Y, and look inside the Plugins folder, do you see the file RMX.glyphsFilter? If you select it and press Cmd+I, which version does it say?

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Thanks. That worked. I had been double-clicking rather than drag and drop

So, we have another update today. As usual, get it at https://remix-tools.com/glyphsapp/update/full

@danielquisek That bug should be fixed now. Thanks again for reporting it.
@George_Thomas Hopefully your crashes are also fixed now. If you experience any further crashes please let me know.

Also, this version of RMX checks for available future updates. Glyphs 3 does not check automatically for plugin updates (for independently installed plugins) any more so you will not be notified of today’s update in Glyphs 3 (only in Glyphs 2) but in future RMX will check and tell you directly (in Glyphs 3, that is). Phew.


@TimAhrens I was hoping for support of more than 10 masters, any plans for that? :grimacing:

RMX Tuner and RMX Harmonizer should be working flawlessly with any number of masters now. And I am working on a new layer-based palette tool that will probably replace RMX Scaler and RMX Monospacer at some point. Hope that helps for now!


I’m getting the “ “RMX.glyphsFilter” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.” message with the latest release of RMX.

did you drag&drop?
here’s what Tim Ahrens wrote: