RMX Scaler Doesn't Preview Properly

3.2 (3192)
Big Sur 11.6.1 (20G224)

Adjusting height and vertical shift doesn’t correctly update the preview.

Known bug. I’ve already reported it to Tim, and you should do the same.

@TimAhrens Please see the above.

Also the tuner doesn’t update preview anymore.


Does it work with the current stable version of Glyphs, i.e. 3.1? Reporting plug-in bugs on the basis of Glyphs beta versions is not a good idea.

This video is rather quick. Can you explain more specifically what the problem is?

The video above is from the RMX Scaler (not the Tuner), isn’t it?

Yes. The problem arises since one of the more recent 3.2 versions and is only related to vertical transformations. As soon as a horizontal transformation is triggered, the preview is updated correctly. I opened another thread here recently: 3187: Scaling with RMX results in buggy outline display

Thanks for your information, everyone.

So, for now, I will consider the recent bug reports (also from others) related to the RMX preview function to be bugs in Glyphs 3.2. I will also release an RMX update in the next few days that includes some smaller fixes. Let me know if you encounter any problems that don’t seem to be bugs in Glyphs.


Since you’re here asking about bugs, there is something that has been an issue for as long as I can remember:

Especially with unencoded glyphs, the RMX Scaler always loves to generate them from some source glyph. This is often Eth, for whatever reason, but also Aacute and some I diacritic is proposed.

I have to manually uncheck the Generate from source box to scale. The next time I open the scaler on the glyph again, the same thing happens.


Yesterday I published an RMX update. I hope this fixes the problems you reported.

If you have the full version, get the RMX update from:

To get the latest RMX demo, go to:

Note: If you report any bug please check whether they only occur in the latest Glyphs cutting-edge beta version or also in the latest stable Glyphs version.


I still get this issue with the latest RMX Tools 1.1.18 on GA 3.2 (3198). Is this a Glyphs App issue?

Yes, this is a Glyphs issue. I get the same with my own filter.

@GeorgSeifert Can you please have a look at this?

The Glyphs updater says, “This is a release candidate. We do not expect many more changes to the final release”, which makes me a little nervous. I don’t want to get more of these RMX “bug reports” that are in fact Glyphs bugs.

It would be great if you could fix this before 3.2 is declared stable.

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I still get the preview problem in 3200.

I can’t reproduce this.

Well, if the problem occurs in Glyphs 3.2 but not in Glyphs 3.1 then we can assume it is not an RMX bug.

Btw, I can reproduce the problem. @GeorgSeifert Do you need a file?

If you have a file that can produce the problem I’m happy do have a look at it.

It happens with every file, and not just RMX. But, most notably, vertical transformations in RMX Scaler result in this issue, regardless of the file.

For some reason now I see the problem, too. So I can fix it. Sorry for taking so long.

The update is out.