RMX Tuner don't work in some glyphs

Hi forum,

i don’t know if i do this right but i try to use ‘Rmx Tuner’ for create my italics. I make the selection of all the glyphs and apply a little condensation with slanted but in some glyphs the rmx tuner don’t work and this is weird because in my ‘thin weight’ the tuner work good… you have any suggestion for those glyphs?


Could you send us your file?

I apply this and works fine:

"Here is my workaround for 3 masters - 1. Light, 2. Regular, 3. Bold:

  • Run RMX for the first two masters (Lt & Rg)
  • Change the master order in Font Info. On position 1. put Bold and on position 3. Light
  • Run RMX on the first master only
  • Rearrange masters back to right order."

by ermin in other post. thanks.

The messages that pop up when the Tuner cannot scale because the layers are not compatible are improved since version 25. Does this help?

Also: Could you send me the font that requires this workaround? If this is the only way to make it work then something needs to be fixed in RMX. The order of the masters should not matter.

I think all problems mentioned in besaid thread are fixed.