Scaling evenly across handles broken Version 2.3b (848)

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Broken still in Version 2.3b (848)

You mean ctrl-alt dragging a handle?

Yes, no longer works for me

It doesn’t work but sometimes it works where it didn’t (and probably shouldn’t) in the past, see this vide:
It doesn’t work like it used to when I select just a handle, but it works when I select a bunch of points and handles.

I can confirm, it works only if at least one other node is selected, and then only if the earlier handle is moved and the later handle unselected. Hope this helps Georg find the culprit in the code.

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Any news? :slight_smile:

if you select two handles it works on one of them…

That should be fixed.

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Is it working in Version 2.3.1 (897) ? I couldn’t get it to work

What do you expect? I changed it that unselected segments are not effected.

I thought you meant that symmetrical scaling (ctrl+alt dragging) across handles was fixed, it still doesn’t work? Version 2.3.1 (897)

bump please

We are aware of the issue and still thinking about a solution. The problem is the overload of modifier keys currently in place. Different functions of Ctrl-Opt keep blocking each other this way.

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I see, thanks for the update!