Script to remove all Kerning groups

I there any way/script to remove all kerning groups?

This would work

Edited* (Wrong script was added)

And this website is extremely helpful for searching scripts


Thanks but It doesn’t do anything here :frowning: tried by pasting on the Macro Panel.

Or use Paletro. If you have all the script installed, then you can search them all, find the one you need, and execute it at the press of a button.

Try installing the script from the Scripts section in the Plugin Manager inside of Glyphs. The script might depend on some other code. That other code is loaded when installing from the Plugin Manager but not when pasting the script into the Macro Panel.

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Or select all glyphs in Font view, and overwrite the kerning groups with a space and delete it right away.

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Can I ask what’s the difference between it and the built-in search?

Paletro lets you search all the menu items of the application you activate it in. The point here is that you should use the Plugin Manager to install the script collections you might be interested in. Then, when you need a function in Glyphs you activate Paletro enter some words and see if something useful appears, then execute the chosen script directly. Done deal. I’m under the impression that you have cherry-picket some scripts from Github and put them in your own folder somewhere. That is not recommended. You are missing out on updates, and untracked copies of other peoples’ work is a mess. If you need to adapt a particular script you can put a copy in your own folder and modify it there.

A lot of that functionality is in the Help menu already (Paletro is more powerful, of course). But for getting to a script menu item it is quite handy.

I had no idea that the search function in the help menu would include the installed scripts. Very neat.

And you can set a keyboard shortcut for the help menu in system settings > keyboard > shortcuts.

That’s how I run my scripts most of the time.

Or if you already use Alfred, just add the “Menu Bar Search” workflow, that does the same thing, also displaying the shortcuts next to the search results. It also sorts by use. I find that more handy, because it’s all in one hub, one shortcut only to remember for Alfred.

Triggering from the help menu very often fails for me to work when pressing Enter, where the menu just closes (not sure if this is a OS bug). And I find it visually very noisy with all those arrows and menus popping up in different places.

Oh my god, I love you. This is a life changer. I use Alfred all the time, I had no clue this workflow existed. Thank you!!

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Alfred one of the most powerful tools I ever encountered. I wrote a lot of workflows, too. Will publish my Glyphs-Docu-Browser soon, in case someone else needs it. It will

:clap: T H I S :clap:

I’d be very curious about your workflows. I also wrote a few, nothing too fancy, because Alfred is already immensely powerful out of the box.

[Sorry for the off-topic]

It fetches the available objects and on click brings you right to it on the docu page. Very simple and only capable of what the docu website provides by crawling it, but already saves a lot of time. Maybe I can set it free later today.

Here is the post about it

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