Selecting and locking anchors

I occasionally run into the issue when selecting anchors and having them accidentally shift. I have two questions:

  1. is it possible to add a click and drag option to be able to select anchors with a modifier key?

  2. is it possible to add an option for locking the vertical, horizontal, or both positions of an anchor?

I typically want to lock the vertical position to some level (baseline, x-height, cap-height, etc) and then focus on shifting the anchor along the horizontal.

I am imagining X and Y padlocks next to the values.
Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 12.26.07

One option for the shifting along the horizontal, in the meanwhile: if you use the Shift key while dragging, movement will be in either horizontal or vertical to the original position.

I never drag anchors. Always move them with the arrow keys.

There is the SelectionPalette plug-in that adds an option for selecting all anchors at once.

I don’t necessarily need to select all the anchors. At times I want to be able to select nodes and anchors together using drag-n-select in one fell swoop…instead of dragging to select the nodes and then clicking on the anchor.

Would it be possible to use a modifier key ( Option+drag ) to include anchors in the selection?

Thoughts on adding locks on the anchor x/y positions?

This particular combination is already taken for selecting only on-curve points

Oh didn’t realize that was there. That could be handy.

What about?:
Cmd + Drag for selecting only anchors
Cmd + Shift + Drag for selecting anchors and nodes
(or vice-versa)

The command key can’t be used as it is used to temporarily switch to the select tool from other tools.

What if modifier keys aren’t used…instead the direction of click-n-drag can determine selection type.

There is an option in architecture/3d modelling programs (Rhino, Revit, SketchUp) to differentiate object selection by either dragging from the Top-Left –> Bottom-Right or Top-Right → Bottom-Left.

Here is an example from Rhino (start – 2min):

Maybe TL->BR is the default node selection and TR->BL can include anchors (and perhaps even guidlines?) in the selection box.

That is an interesting idea.