Shift + arrow increment & plugin not showing up

Hi, I want to ask some questions since I’m new to G3.

  1. Is there a setting to adjust the shift increment preferences? Bcs when I set kerning manually I have to tap again and again to use shift increment (shift+arrow) after 10 point. I mean I only can use shift increment 10 point at 1 time after that the box turn back grey & i have to tap that box again to adjust increment

  2. I’ve installed ‘Make Corner’ plugin but not showing up in Filter tab.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 00.35.34

Anyone can help me with that? Thanks in advance :smiley:

This should be fixed in the latest release. Make sure you have upgraded to version 3.0.2. Also, consider using the keyboard shortcuts for kerning instead of the kerning-field; they make kerning faster and easier:

Did you relaunch Glyphs? Glyphs needs to be quit and relaunched after a plugin was installed for the plugin to be loaded. If that does not help, try installing it again from the plugin manager. It works for me.

Thank you sir, it solved by updating to 3.0.2 :smiley: