Some glyphs with the same unicode are in the font already


Please can some one help me with an issue. I’m trying to add Western, Central, and South Eastern European glyphs to my italic character set. This is currently in its own file and contains 1 master.

Yesterday I had managed to add all of the glyphs I require but it wouldn’t export, claiming ‘The font contains glyphs with the same name’. It would provide a long list that began ‘Aacute=aacute’… it seems to not be distinguishing between upper and lowercase.

Currently I have added the uppercase glyphs I need but when I attempt to add the lowercase it flags the message ‘Some glyphs with the same unicode are in the font already.’

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

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Had the same issue recently. It occurs when adding Glyphs from the left menu. Mostly for uppercase letters. It adds the Glyph and assigns Unicode values for both the upper and the lowercase letter to the same glyph. Sorting out the Unicode values fixes it.
Example to recreate the bug: Aogonek. (I only had this issue with component glyphs.)
Version is 2.6.5
This needs to be looked into by @GeorgSeifert or @mekkablue.

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How exactly do you add the glyphs? Do you add uppercase first, then lowercase? If so, why not all at once?

If you have uppercase only, the uppercase glyphs will inherit the corresponding lowercase Unicode value as well. This is why:

If you need to revert, select all glyphs and choose Glyph > Update Glyph Info.

In my case I added them all at once. Still the same: upper case has Unicode values of both upper and lower case charactes, the lower case character has the corresponding lower case Unicode only.

Update Glyph Info doesn’t do the trick here. I also replicated the same thing in a new glyphs file.

EDIT: Adding the Glyph via Glyphs > Add Glyphs produces the same double Unicode assginment to the upper case letter

All at once, as @simonthi says, from the left menu in the font window Languages–latin… etc. – selecting all and then generating. The only reason I had uppercase and not lowercase today was because I was attempting to locate the issue…

Now I see it too. It is a bug in the latest beta. I could not reproduce, because I was still running the previous one. Thanks for reporting.

For now, please update glyph info, or downgrade to 1330.