Speed, speed, speed (5k display)

Is there a way to speed Glyphsapp up? Without resorting to low-res on a 5k display?


To be fair, I’ve noticed that the speed has greatly improved with recent releases and there is understandably only a bit of lag at high zoom when the grid is displayed.

Kristian, what version do you have?

And how many view menu plugins active?
And how much text are you previewing? (With the eye symbol in the bottom left?

Version 2.4.4 (1075)


Not much, just a couple of words.

Could it be related to APFS? I have a few apps dying on me right now.

What is your set up? Do you use Apple File System?

Then there might be something wrong with your system. I don’t think it’s the file system. Check the Activity monitor app and the console. Restart with the shift key pressed (restart again from the login screen).

And can you try the latest cutting edge version (enable it in Preferences > Updates).

Are you running some kind of system optimizing software, like MacCleaner or MacKeeper, or some kind of antivirus software? Deactivate, or better, deinstall those, restart your Mac, and try again.

I use Little Snitch for monitoring network activity, besides that none. The problem only occurs when connected to an external 5k monitor (LG, ‘sigh’).

I’m gonna test 2.5b tonight.

What mac do you have. The 5K screen has a lot of pixels so you need a decent graphics card to make it work. But it sorts quite well with a 2016 macBook Pro.

And some plugins slowing down the rendering quite a bit. Please try to deactivate them.

I have MacBook Pro 3,1 MHz i7. I removed some guidelines – it helped a little.

What difference does it make to use version 2.5?
And can you try the ‘frames per second’ plugin and report the numbers you see in the lower left?

An old topic again, but still actual! Have all plugins mostly inactive, but still simple task like undo might take a full second. I’m not talking about having Red arrows or Speed punk active mode, which are total breakdown. How can I speed up the screen rendering?

Which build of the application are you running, which OS?
And what exactly are you undoing?

High Sierra 10.13.2 and Glyphs 2.6.3. I would not update my OS, because I’d like to run FL5 too.

Do you happen to have Xcode installed?

Nope, Xcode is not installed.

After restarting Glyphs, there is no delay with Undo command, but still plain mouse wheel zoom is slower, when I switch Red Arrows on. Is this normal? I will not comment about zoom speed, when Speed Punk or Supertool is active.

What Mac and what screen resolution do you have?