Static OTFs interpolate correctly but variable font does not

Same problem as here, except in my case static OTFs do what I want while a variable font doesn’t.

I’m trying to make a variable font where some glyphs interpolate between smooth curves and sharp corners. Here are my two masters (to demonstrate a simple example of this problem):

(In the second one, the top right point is a curve point with both handles right on top of it; the handles are from the top left and bottom right points.)

When I create an instance halfway between these, it looks like this in Glyphs:
It looks the same if in Illustrator if I export it as a regular OTF. However, if I export it as a variable OTF and go halfway between the two masters, it looks like this:

I don’t want that sharp point. Is there a way to fix this? Or do I just need to wait for this to be fixed?

For a variable font, the outline is converted to TrueType curves and a TT curve behaves differently. What you could do is convert to TT yourself (Paths > Other > Quadratic) and recreate the transition in TT curves from the start.

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That worked! Thank you.

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