Streaks Showing Up Across Characters

My font looks awesome on screen, but in print, streaks are showing up across certain characters. I created my font by moving quite detailed vectors from Illustrator. Do you know why this could be happening and how I can fix it?

  1. Can you post a photo?
  2. Have you read the Complex Paths tutorial?

It might be the same problem as this one: Lines Bug on small text

I’m going to try the things suggested in the Complex Paths tutorial, thanks! Here is a photo in the meantime.

Complex paths it is. The reason is probably a high amount of tiny curve segments. Replace with straight line segments. All details in the tutorial.

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Thanks! I’ll try that today. Will I lose some texture when I do this?

Of course, since you have to change the path a little. But it will be hardly visible if you find good settings. Set horizontal and vertical deviances to a low value, and experiment with the segment length. Is suggest you simply try it.