Suggestion : Radial Menu in Glyphs?

Two years ago, I proposed a concept about a Radial Menu on the Glyphs forum. I continue to believe that it could significantly enhance the efficiency and user experience within Glyphs.


As a type designer and font engineer, I consistently integrate a multitude of scripts into my workflow. These scripts can be broadly categorized based on the frequency of their usage:
Daily, Occasionally, and Seldom.

Scripts that fall under the “Occasionally” and “Seldom” categories do not necessarily require assignment to shortcuts. For scripts used “Occasionally”, I have been utilising the FastScript Plugin to improve their accessibility. However, I’m beginning to find it challenging to manage the plethora of shortcuts for my “Daily” scripts.

Many 3D applications, including ZBrush, Blender, and AutoCAD, have implemented Radial Menus, thereby streamlining access to specific features or scripts. I believe the integration of a similar radial menu in Glyphs could significantly enhance our productivity and ease of navigation, especially when dealing with scripts used daily.

I’d be interested to hear what the community thinks, and if it could be possible to implement something like this for Glyphs 4?

That could be implemented as a plugin.