There are no Glyphs template after generate Missing Glyphs

I added western europe, but why doesn’t the glyphs template appear like the basic letter?
how to show the glyphs template?

thank you

There should be placeholders/templates for those glyphs. What version of macOS are you using? (Go to the top left of your screen to the Apple menu: :apple:About This Mac).

10.14.6: this is my mac version: Mac Os Mojave, version 10.14.6

Does the gray template appear if you double-click a glyph to open it in Edit View? Or are these glyphs also blank in Edit View?

when i double click, its blank

if I generate in a new file, it will appear, but if I generate when I have filled some glyphs, it doesn’t appear. What can i do?

What happens if you select all blank glyphs, choose GlyphRemove Glyph (⌘⌫), and then add the glyphs again from the sidebar?

i has remove and then add again, but its still blank

Can you try to save, close, and reopen the document? The templates work for me on macOS 10.16 and macOS 10.12. (I have no 10.14 to try, but it should still works.)

i has tried to save, close, and reopen as you suggested, but its still blank

i deleted all blank glyphs, then fill the “A” and generate missing glyphs, the the missing glyphs filled “A” automatically

In that case we need to investigate the file more closely. Could you send us the Glyphs file per email to support @ this website (without “www.” or “forum.”)? We will report back when we have found the issue. In the meantime, Glyphs should still work fine without the templates or you can select and copy (Edit → Copy, ⌘C) the glyphs you have already drawn and paste them into a new Glyphs file (Edit → Paste Special – hold down the Option key to see the menu item or press ⌥⌘V).

Select the following options for the Paste Special dialog and confirm with OK:

Glyphs pre-filled just the A and not the diacritical marks because your font does not contain combining marks. Once your font contains glyphs for combining marks, use the GlyphMake Component Glyph (⌃⌥⌘C) action again. See the Diacritics tutorial for details:

thank you sir, i will send my file using email to support @ this website

When you add glyph from the sidebar, Glyphs will try to add components to that glyph. But because the base glyph is empty, you don’t see anything. Normally it should show a ‘empty base glyph’ placeholder. Or is there some small path in the ‘A’?

no small path in the “A”. normally when i added new glyphs from sidebar, there are default glyphs with the grey colour, so i can know what shape of glyphs correlated with the name (i.e Acircumflex → shape of Acircumflex), if its empty then i can know what shape of Acircumflex

The file you send me is from an older version of Glyphs Mini. Can you updated to the latest version?

ok I will update to the last version, thank you sir