Undo bug

Version 1.3.25 (526); when moving nodes than hitting >Cmd Z< selected node moves to bottom left corner. Not always but too often.

Will fix this. Thanks

I confirm the Undo bug. There is no way back to previous state.

Can you activate beta versions in the preferences, check for updates and see if the problem is fixed.

So far it seems this problem is solved. Thnx.

After the update, I didn’t notice any problems with Undo, thanks for a quick solution.

Unfortunately I’ve noticed this strange undo behaviour again even in the latest version. It is just less frequent.

Can you reproduce it?

Me too. started on the Bacground layer, now it repeat on the front layers, and the problem is same; >Cmd Z< moves node to the bottom left corner, reapeted >Cmd Z< does a step before that move.

I’m definitely seeing this in 1.3.26. Haven’t yet figured out an action that will consistently trigger it.

I am also experiencing undo bugs in 1.3.26 (528). Mostly related to undoing and redoing pasting, and I am also sometimes seeing that all nodes of the redo-pasted contour end up at (0,0).

I have experienced undo-redo bugs a lot over the last couple of months, sometimes with real crashes. In fact, that is the main reason why I usually have to restart Glyphs about every 20 minutes. It would be realy cool if these problems could be completely resolved in the long run.

Btw, one thing that has been bothering me for a long time is that after paste-undo-redo, the pasted contour is not selected (which would be the convention). Can this be fixed as well, please?

I confirm, the Undo bug is related to copy-paste. When I copy a vector element from one glyph to another glyph and change the placed element, the undo doesn’t work. The nodes I moved (be it one node or all of them) “collapse” to the zero point after Undo command. I can reproduce this behaviour.

When I undo twice, all nodes end up at (0,0).
(Version 1.3.25)

This is fixed in 1.3.26. You can try updating with the cutting edge versions preference on.

Do work with copies of your files when working with beta versions.

I haven’t recognized that option yet. Thanks.

Sorry gor being “Spielverderber” but Undo still doesn’t work properly when moving nodes. “Undo:Move Nodes” flashes, but that’s all. 1.3.26 (531)

How did you move the nodes? And what did you before?

Copy paste curves to Background and than moving nodes on the Bold Layer around. Bolding letters, nothing special. I just restarted Glyphs and now it works ok, but I’ll have an eye on this behaviour and let you know if it happens again.

Bug definitely occurs in Glyphs Mini - Version 1.5.1 (37)

Just properly fixed the issue in the main code base. Will prepare an update next week.