Unknown token “AM” on line: 15

Hi all,

I am trying to open an older Glyphs file, but getting the following error message:

Document couldn’t be opened. Unknown token “AM” on line: 15

Has anyone had that before?

File is from June 21, 2021. Most likely not even created in Glyphs 3…

Many thanks, Tobias

Can you check what is on line 15 of that file? If you can’t figure out what might be the problem, could you send the file?

Thanks for you prompt reply Georg.

It says: date = “2019-02-21 10:43:59 AM +0000”;

Just compared it to a completely new file and turns out the “AM” is causing trouble… took it out and now I can open it again. Could that be? If so, why?

Sorry, I am not a developer, just tried out the most intuitive solution.

Thanks again, Tobias

There was an issue with an old version of Glyphs saving an incorrectly formatted date. Going forward, this will not be an issue.

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Ok great. Thank you both!