Update Error: Glyphs won't update


What would cause this error? Every time I click “Check for Updates”, I get this message:


Please download the app from the website: https://updates.glyphsapp.com/latest2.php


@GeorgSeifert Ah, now I feel silly. Thank you!


The problem is that MacOS 10.11 prevents apps from accessing web resources over none secure connections. And I didn’t realized it in time to change the URL to https.


I can’t update to latest cutting edge from Version 2.3.1 (922) / Os 10.11.6


Same here, and if I do a manual download to unzip it myself I get this error message:


I fixed that.


Solved, thank!


I have the same problem for a while already.
I even downloaded a new version from the website but everytime I’m hitting the checking for update option this nice window pops up.

What am I doing wrong?


If it persists, you can redownload the app from glyphsapp.com/buy and update again.