Variable font 3 axis issue


I am starting a variable font with 3 axes, weight, width and contrast.
contrast doesn’t do anything if weight is at the minimum.

I have 6 masters, it all seemed to work well, but then I noticed an issue with the interpolation from minimum contrast to maximum contrast when the other 2 axis are at the maximum.
In this case, the font should go from a very bold form with thickness on all strokes, to a high contrast form, and the width should stay the same, but for some reason, the width too increases, and some very wide forms that are not even in the masters seem to be extrapolated.
If I remove the width axes and the 3 narrow masters, it interpolates correctly.
I have tried to change the axis coordinates but I can’t get to the bottom of it.

Edit: I should mention that the issue appears when testing in Adobe illustrator


I think you’re maybe missing 2 masters?

If you try to visualize the design space with two axes you get a rectangle with 4 corners (4 masters = good)

Adding a third axis, like a third dimension, making the rectangle a cube (8 corners = 8 masters).

Hi Daniel,

Yes, thanks. That does solve the problem and is theoretically correct, but the thing is that , because of the design, these 2 extra masters are graphically exactly the same of 2 other that I already had (exactly the same bezier curves), so i basically copied 2 masters and changed one value of the axes (the width, putting it to the maximum).

Isn’t there a more elegant and more efficent manner to do this?


There were some suggestions on reusing the same master for multiple coordinates. Now I realize it’s not that hard to do with a plugin, but feels like it should be built in? :slight_smile:

Technically, you should be able to omit some masters (I believe, open corners, those which don’t share any coordinates with the Origin). The problem is they won’t be replaced with some other masters, but extrapolated, which only looks decent with simple predictable transformations. This explains it in details.

Hi Alexs

Thanks for you reply.

Precisely, the designspace would be a triangular prism, instead of a cube.
Are you thinking of an existing plugin?