Variable Font setup and naming

I’m struggling with VF naming (possibly also setup, although VF weight variations are okay). I’ve read the VF, MM and Naming docs a number of times (and many forum posts) without much progress. I downloaded the Noto Sans .glyphs files hoping to learn more about setup, but when I export those fonts (regular/italic) I end up with similar problems (doubled style names, conflicts importing with Font Book, redundant instances, Light labeled regular, etc.)
I’m needing more education and I’m hoping someone might be able to share a minimally configured VF .glyphs file(s) that supports both upright and italic and works with Word/Mellel/InDesign. I’m only using weight axes. Any help is greatly appreciated.

To close out this thread, please refer to the thread listed below. VF TT fonts are not yet compatible with Ventura (as of 2022 11 22)

Variable Fonts on Ventura