Wacom Bug with activating a text field to type

I can not select text fields in Font Info with the Wacom pen in Glyphs 3. Normally it is just a double click to activate text fields, but does not work in Glyphs 3. Works everywhere else, only corrupt in Glyphs 3.

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That might be connected that those text fields are in a table view and have custom activation behavior. It seems that I need to get an Wacom table to test this. Does anyone has one that I could borrow? What model do you have?

I have a quite new Intous. Latest update of the driver.

What specifically.

This is weird I was just having the exact same problem with my Intuos CH690
I can’t activate the text fields when I click using my stylus, I either have to use my laptop trackpad OR press enter on the keyboard when the text field is selected

Ah, good to hear more have the same problem.
Well, not good, but you get what I mean,

I have this one:

the link doesn’t work for me.

The link is to a Wacom Intuos S, I’m experiencing the same issue with a Wacom Intuos CTH-690

Yes, I use the Bluetooth version of the Intous-tablet on that page.

I bought be a Wacom to be able to test this. I installed it and could see the same behavior. Then I played around with the settings a bit and now it works perfectly. So much about being able to debug it. The only setting I changed (that I think is relevant) was the Mapping mode setting. I put it to Mouse mode and since then, even when I set the mode back to Pen mode, it still works. I finished the install wizard in between, not sure if that has an effect.

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Confirm, it works here too now. Such a strange bug.


No, it went back again to the same behaviour…

For me it works one time, the first field I edit. Then same problems come back.

Maybe I scared the bug enough just by looking at it.

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I have the same problem with an Intuos S (bluethooth but used tethered). Changing prefs has unfortunately no effect.

See my next reply, haha…

I also observe, moving the display detail in edit mode performs a lot slower in G3 than in G2—whereas zooming is not affected.

Can you please not mix topics like this?

Sorry, I meant it linked to the Wacom problem!

Are you sure? And what you mean by “Display detail”?

Hope this video shows it better, what I’m trying to explain.
Left G2, right G3.
Funny that the movement works fine as long as I’m not “really” switching to G3 (crash inclusive while zooming). Every movement is done with the same speed of the pen, but in G3 the visual result gets obviously behind the mouse movement.