Western European characters

Hi, I was just wondering, is there a definitive list of the languages that are covered by including all of the Western European characters?
I can see it would cover at least the main French, Spanish, Italian, German… also Norwegian, Swedish, Danish… also Afrikaans, but that’s just from my knowledge. Is there anywhere to see / or does anyone know exactly which languages the Western European tab covers?

Many thanks.

Western European by geographic or linguistic grouping? After settling on that, exactly where is the boundary between East and West (and maybe Central)?

Quite impossible.

You can establish what languages are covered by utilizing the information for the Adobe Latin character sets, here: https://github.com/adobe-type-tools/adobe-latin-charsets

A word of caution though: you must take into consideration certain idiosyncracies pertaining to shape and positioning of some diacritics, and there may be some regional glyph differences. That will take further research on your part, but remember, Google is your friend.

The information from the character sets is not useful. They were done a long time ago. Some characters are actually not needed and others are missing.

We had a similar discussion already in the forum. The answers in that thread still hold true:

Hmm. I have always thought Adobe would have the best information. I have depended upon that along with several other sources, so I guess I had better check further and make sure my default charset is what I wanted it to be.

@reggaecowboy, I don’t have time to do the compilation for you, but you can do it by researching the countries listed here: https://www.ethnologue.com/region/WEU

That’s the url for the site’s Western Europe pages. Click on each country name, then on the Language tab that comes up. There is a lot of good information there.

SIL is a recognized authority on world languages so I would think the information is correct.

Thanks for all the tips and links everyone.