“Write Kern Table” Custom Parameter not working

Hey there,

Over here, I found that it is possible to generate an oldstyle kern table using Glyphs.
Sure, this should not the normal way to do it, but for some legacy software it is needed to include such a table to get nice kerning.

Both Glyphs 1140 and an older 1064 release fail to actually write that table, and there is also no warning that they were not able to do so.

Am I doing something wrong?
Can this be fixed somehow?

Thanks in advance.

It only works when exporting .ttf.

That is good to know, thanks for the clarification!

I’m trying to use the “Write Kern Table” Custom Parameter, but it does not seem to be available in Glyphs 1271 and/or 1192. Did it get retired?
I’m able to create classic kern table with FontLab 5 without overflow (about 8000 pairs). But I would rather not deal with the whole rat-tail of mastering a Glyphs file trough FL5 or manually hack the table into the final fonts.

Are you exporting as .otf or .ttf? As the kern table is only supported for .ttf.
From the spec:

OpenType™ fonts containing CFF outlines are not supported by the ‘kern’ table and must use the GPOS OpenType Layout table.

@GeorgSeifert I read that above (the TTF part).
Yet kerning tables in a OTF/CFF is the only way to get kerning work for Word on Mac.
The Custom Parameter seems not to be available at all, even when I would like to make a TTF.


That is funny that it only works when you not follow the spec.

But it is possible to get normal kerning to work in Office for Mac. What version are you testing?

I’m testing Word for Mac 2016 (version 16.16.18) , the last not subscription based version.
TrueType fonts support Kerning, but OTF/CFF only if one includes a classic kerning table.
Luckily the Office 365 version fixed this bug.

In cases of a small character-sets, when there is no danger of overflow, it is a handy fix/hack to include.
I’m not aware of any disadvantages by doing so. I understand, if Glyphs is not looking to support this sort of hacks.

Word for mac does support GPOS kerning. But it is very picky and refuses it on many occasions. I can be caused by many things.