Change Background Canvas Color

Did it used to be possible to change the canvas colour - including foreground and background layer’s canvas colour? I went to look for the option and it’s gone now.

I need it because when I’m working past sunset I have flux/‘night shift’ on which makes everything redder and at that point the foreground and background layer’s canvas colors are too similar.

Yes, in GlyphsPreferences…Appearance:

Yes I see the canvas color option but it doesn’t change the background layer’s canvas color

There is currently no UI for the background layer canvas color but you can change it by running the following code in the Macro Panel:

Glyphs.colorDefaults["GSColorBackgroundCanvas"] = "#ff00ff"
Glyphs.colorDefaults["GSColorBackgroundCanvasDark"] = "#ff0000"

You can get those #xxxxxx color values using a tool like

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Thank you!