Illegal character

Is it true that in the latest version (3219) it is no longer possible to use periods in the family name?

The familyname is used to make the postscript name. And that can’t contain periods. Add a Font name setting that contains the string from the error massage without the period.

I thought a PostScript name could contain all ASCII characters. So far I have not had a problem with exporting such numbered versions.

I’m not sure I understand.
What can I do if I still want a “Family Name” containing a period and just a PostScript name without it?

I still don’t understand why ASCII characters cannot be used in Family Name.

I use periods quite often in my Family Name which means that i have to set “Font Name” on all my instances?
Wouldn’t it be better that periods are just removed from the “PostScript Name” and if you don’t like that name you can set a “PostScript Name” attribute under the Font > General? Seems like that would be much easier than to set “Font Name” on all instances…

We added the check because fontBakery is complaining about the dots.

I’ll see if I can remove dots automatically. We do that with spaces already.

According to the spec, yes, you can have dots and colons and question marks, etc. But unfortunately this is not how many apps implemented it, hence Font Bakery’s restrictive check. The current version of Adobe Illustrator has issues with dots in the name, for instance. So better to user just A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the dash for separating family from style name.

Hi there. That’s strange. Cause I’m using periods/dots in all my fonts and haven’t experienced any troubles in any apps, including Illustrator.

Do you use the dot before or after the dash?

I use dots in family name like “Name of the font 1.1” so in post script name is after that in family name before dash and style name - NameOfTheFont1.1-Regular

I do it the same way. Family Name: “something.fontName” and then postscript name is “something.fontName-regular”

Don’t do that anymore. Rebuild your names without the dot.

The dot is quite important to me because all my fonts are named like that. I would prefer to have my Family Name as ‘a.FontName’ and then remove the dot in the PostScript Font Name to ‘aFontName,’ while still retaining the dot where it’s possible.

I’m sure other people will encounter similar issues with other characters in the Family Name that suddenly stop working. It would be better to simply remove the disallowed characters in the PostScript Name. If they dislike the name without the characters, they should be able to set a different PostScript Name as an attribute in the general tab.

However, the use of periods in names is quite common in the font design process. We’ve been doing it for decades, and we’re certainly not alone. We have many such variants installed for comparison purposes before the final versions are exported. Couldn’t we automatically replace the illegal characters from Family Name to PostScript Font Name with dashes?

I meant only the PostScript font name, name ID 6, which the user never sees. Two strategies: Either don’t set the PS Names at all (then Glyphs does it automatically) or use the PS Name Maker script from the mekkablue scripts:


Only one dash allowed in name ID 6, between the family and the subfamily (style).

Well done. So that all illegal characters in all names where they are not allowed would be automatically discarded?

Yes. In recent builds, Glyphs suppresses dots automatically (unless you override it). So best to not set the PS names explicitly.

I need to update the Naming tutorial still…