Manually installing vanilla module


When the automatic method to install vanilla do not work, install it manually.

  • Download the vanilla GitHub repository by clicking the green Clone or Download button on the right and then Download Zip
  • unpack the .zip.
  • inside is a folder Lib. Copy its content to Glyphs’ Scripts folder. You can open it from within Glyphs, in the bottom of the Scripts menu click Open Scripts Folder.
  • Restart Glyphs, open Window > Macro Panel and type:
import vanilla
print vanilla

It should produce a line like this:

<module 'vanilla' from '/Users/.../Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/vanilla/__init__.pyc'>

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It does not work for me.

I have implemented it as described:
I download Vanilla at GitHub. I open Glyphs > Skript > Skript Ordner öffnen
I copy the vanilla folder from the ZIP to …/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/vanilla

I restart Glyphs and open > Fenster > Makro-Fenster:

import vanilla
print vanilla

> Ausführen

Nothing happens, no message, nothing.


Can you check the setting in Preferences > User Settings > Use system console for script output? It should not be set.


It is not set.


Then there is something else wrong with your python. What happens if you run this in the macro window:

print "Hallo"


It’s the same, nothing happens. A dead window.

Maybe a new installation of Glyphs? If Python is missing, maybe it will be installed?


Can you send me a screenshot of the macro window.

I don’t think that python itself is broken. But you can try that in the terminal. Type python + enter in the command line. What do you get?


Hey Georg, mine is using the Vanilla in my /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/ is that an issue?


No. I just found that installing it (correctly) into side packages doesn’t always work. So I decided to just put it into the Scripts folder as that seems to always work.


FYI, an alias of the Lib folder in the Scripts folder works just as well (so that way you can git clone vanilla into a folder and then just pull updates as necessary without another step to copy the Lib folder into Glyphs).



Thanks for the suggestion. But that adds one step to the list.


Worked perfectly. Thanks