No Unicodes in [.fina .medi .init] ?!

Would you please advise/correct/answer me, why there are no Unicodes in Glyphs 3 for [ .fina .medi .init] forms?!, it was there in the 2nd version?!, I know that the font will work perfectly cause of the features, but anyhow they are necessary for some cases! like grammar use, previewing/presenting the [ .fina .medi .init] forms alone outside the App in the final font?!
ب ﺑ ﺒ ﺐ

Positional forms are accessed through OT features. The FExx Unicode values are not supposed to be used, except for conversion from old encodings. You can override this with your own Glyph Data.

Copying and pasting the FExx Unicode values is not a good idea for testing because it is an unrealistic scenario that users enter these Unicodes somehow. If there is an error in the OpenType feature, you will not find it that way, which beats the purpose of testing.

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You can preview the positional forms by adding a zero width joiner. And there are a lot Arabic characters that have encoded only the default shape.

So what is the point of the 2nd version,
Why the FExx Unicode values were there in G2 ?!,
I really know that the positional forms are accessed through OT Features and the fonts will work perfectly without the FExx Uni, but I see that adding FExx unicodes is more powerful/compatible with older standards, and it gives more practical experience, especially for type designers…

So what I prefer is to bring back the FExx unicodes to the G3 version, Instead of adding them manually, or add a shorter way to adding them.

So what I did with the font on my hand; is updating the glyphs in G2 then re-exporting it through from G3!

There used to be some backwards compatibility concerns. But they turned out to be unjustified. Can you name any software in the past decade that requires the FExx Unicodes?

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Software that requires Arabic Presentation Forms (the U+FExx) does not support OpenType, so your mark positioning, or kerning, or contextual alternates and so on will not work, so users will think the font works but will get subpar experience and might think your font is bad. I’d rather the font fails outright and the users know they using a non-OpenType application.