Glyphs mini and Glyphs have a lot of bugs, bugs and bugs


I have purchased Glyphs mini twice, the first version since 2015, and the second version since August and I am a client of this app for 2 years and 5 months. I am really deceived with this app due to a lot of bugs, bugs, bugs and bugs in Glyphs mini and in Glyphs.

— I can’t copy uppercase letters (glyphs) and paste on/into lowercase letters (glyphs);
— Although you have solved the problem of opening with OTF, this problem still insists. I can not open OTF files with this app. I can open only TTF files;
— I can not export the file as OTF, and the app crashes to export as OTF. I can export only as TTF;
— Glyphs mini DOES NOT automatically generate features for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligatures. I tested it on TextEdit. (See:

I switched to Glyphs demo and trial. Glyphs also suffers few same bugs:

— I can not export the file as OTF or TTF, and the app crashes to export as OTF. or TTF;
— I can not open the OTF or TTF files with this app.

But Glyphs does generate automatically features for sets.


OS: macOS 10.13.2
Mac mini (Mid 2011)
Processor: 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

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What version of Glyphs do you use (the three or four digit number like 2.4.4 1075)?

Can you explain? Did you try “Paste Special” (cmd+opt+V)

This should work. Can you send me a .otf that can’t be opened?

Same here, can you send me a .glyphs file that crashes. And please send the crash reports:

Glyph Mini is not supposed to export this features. edit: I was wrong, explained below.

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Glyphs mini: 2.0.1 (85)
Glyphs: 2.4.4 (1075)

I used Cmd+C and Cmd+V.

As for your suggestion, it did not work either.

Atlética (39.5 KB)

Yesterday I sent crash log to you by e-mail.

Then update the text, saying “Glyphs mini doesn’t generate or export automatically features”. Please do not deceive your customers.

As I need to generate features, I will switch to FontForge and set the stylistic sets and alternatives or I will ask my friend to lend/loan me his MacBook.

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What didn’t work. It will bring up this dialog and if you set it like this it will copy into the selected glyphs.

Both the fonts you send do open/export fine in 2.4.4 and the latest cutting edge version. You said that you can’t open .otf but you send a link to a .ttf?

Please send the crash report through the dialog that comes up when you restart the app. And add your name (or the forum alias) that I can easier find your reports.

I was confused. Glyphs Mini does indeed generates those features. It depends on the existence of certain glyphs names. e.g.: for the fraction feature, it needs either zero–nine, zero.numr–nine.numr, zero.dnom–nine.dnom, fraction and slash or some prebuilt fraction glyphs, like onehalf, twothirds… The details are explained in the appendix of the Glyphs Mini handbook:

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I am referring to Glyphs mini. I can’t copy and paste the glyphs at Glyphs mini. I used Glyphs only to exprt as TTF, generating features, without crashing, so Glyphs mini always crashed to export.

  1. Open the TTF file (College) with Glyphs mini.
  2. Export as OTF file with Glyphs mini.
  3. Open the exported OTF with Glyphs mini and see how it crashes. [quote=“GeorgSeifert, post:4, topic:7797”]

Please send the crash report through the dialog that comes up when you restart the app. And add your name (or the forum alias) that I can easier find your reports.

Strange, when I exported, making it crashing, restarted, the dialogue doesn’t appear any more. Therefore, I attach a crash log for you here.

Glyphs mini crash log (23.3 KB)

Does it automatically generate stylistic sets?

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I think I have fixed those problems in Glyphs Mini already. We are almost finished with a new version. You can try by activating “Show cutting edge versions” in Preferences > Update and then click “Check Now”.

And Glyphs Mini doesn’t generate stylistic sets.

When I export the font, does Glyphs mini deletes the alternative glyphs?

It does not delete them. You can check with OTMaster for instance.

I am speaking of Glyphs mini and not of Glyphs. OT Master is exclusive only in Glyphs.

I think you both need to get new glasses for not confounding Glyphs with Glyphs mini. LOL

I think you should create new category for Glyphs mini.

Sorry Gus, OTMaster is a separate app for checking compiled OpenType fonts. There is a free, save-disabled, Light version. It does not matter whether you created the fonts with Glyphs Mini or Glyphs.

Let me try to explain again, you can use OTMaster to open a font you created (.otf or .ttf), and see if the glyphs are in the font.

OK, I have just tested. The alternative glyphs weren’t deleted. I’ll use FontForge or BirdFont to correct the stylistic sets.

I activated it and checked update, but it doesn’t update, because it says it is the newest.

You should update the text at the Glyphs mini’s site page:

Instead of ‘Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligatures’, write like:

‘Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligatures. It doesn’t generate automatically stylistic sets.

So the customers wouldn’t ask you about it and wouldn’t be deceived.

I disagree. I am pretty sure we didn’t deceive. We state clearly on the Mini page and in the handbook which features exactly Mini is supporting.

See what Georg said:

He said that Glyphs mini generates automatically only some features, but doesn’t generate automatically only stylistic sets. Did you understand the difference?

If you still disagree, argue with him.

No. He said: ‘Glyphs Mini doesn’t generate stylistic sets.’

Which proves my point: we did not deceive. Glyphs Mini does not generate ssXX features. We never claim the opposite anywhere. On the Mini page, we clearly state:

Automatic OpenType feature generation for localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligatures

No stylistic sets among supported features. Nothing to misunderstand. Still, if someone is not sure, they can download the trial and try for themselves. I do not see any deception or source of misunderstanding here.

‘Deception’ implies that we would consciously trick people into believing Mini would generate stylistic sets even though we know that it does not. We did not do this. Please stop falsely accusing team members.

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Georg and Rainer are both correct in saying that Mini does not generate stylistic sets. Besides, what’s the benefit of deceiving people this way? If they want to deceive you, then what’s the point of tricking you into buying the cheaper alternative instead of the expensive one? Wouldn’t it be more logical to think it’s your misunderstanding instead of everyone else trying to trick you or they did not have the right pair of glasses?

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Neither Georg nor Rainer sell used cars; they’re not trying to deceive anyone. There would be absolutely no point in doing so.

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Even if they were selling used cars, they would be running a honest job, and in style:

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Then, @mekkablue, @Tosche, @George_Thomas,

Sorry, I do not want to be boring and to piss you all off, but I am stubborn and insist. Please, be calm and try to understand me. See the problems:

Disn’t you see that they did not know that these features are not available in Glyphs mini?

  • Because the text of difference among Glyphs mini and Glyphs is incomplete.
  • Not all customers will read the whole text of difference among Glyphs mini and Glyphs.
  • Not all they will read the handbook.

I will try to be clear and to explain clearly how you should improve the text of difference between Glyphs mini and Glyphs at the page of

Glyphs mini

  • Stylistic sets are not available
  • Renaming private use glyphs is not available


  • Stylistic sets are available
  • Renaming private use glyphs is available

If you do not improve the text, there will be customers who will post and ask if they are bugs or missed because they do not know or do not understand that these features are not available in Glyphs mini, so the text of difference is incomplete or they do not read the handbook. Remember that not all they will read the text and the handbook.

I was not accusing you. I was trying to warn you that there would be misunderstandings of customers.

I hope you all understand me. If you keep not understanding, I’ll be frustrated and will give up on trying to explaining clearly.

@gusbemacbe - to clarify: the second thread you quoted (Accessing OpenType features in evaluation version of Glyphs Mini) was mine and the misunderstanding was entirely my fault. I simply wasn’t paying attention and downloaded the wrong manual.